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This is a very cool site to have a look at art works right from 1101 A.D to 1850 A.D. Its a great place to to see all the master pieces in detailed images. some works even have descriptions to help you understand better.
You can conduct your visit a number of different ways, namely by   

  • browsing the collection from the alphabetic Artist Index giving basic information on artists,
  • browsing from sorted Useful new feature!Lists of Artists which visitors can create by setting conditions for nationality, stylistic period and time-line,
  • using the Dual-Window Mode which allows to run simultaneously two independent copies of two collection for more effective browsing and comparison,
  • using the Quick Search boxes at the bottom of the screen, or the full-featured Search Engine to find individual or selected groups of pictures, or
  • selecting a tour from the Guided Tours.





they also quote:

“The Web Gallery of Art is intended to be a free resource of art history primarily for students and teachers. It is a private initiative not related to any museums or art institutions, and not supported financially by any state or corporate sponsors. However, we do our utmost, using authentic literature and advice from professionals, to ensure the quality and authenticity of the content.


We are convinced that such a collection of digital reproductions, containing a balanced mixture of interlinked visual and textual information, can serve multiple purposes. On one hand it can simply be a source of artistic enjoyment; a convenient alternative to visiting a distant museum, or an incentive to do just that. On the other hand, it can serve as a tool for public education both in schools and at home.”


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